Fender P-bass bridge cover chrome + screws
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Chrome plated steel. As found on genuine Fender USA Vintage Series and Custom Shop Precision Bass. This is also the best currently available part for restoring older Fender Precision Basses. 3.93" screw mounting hole center to center measurements.

Fender part number: 001-0108-000
Fender bass 6-32 x 1-1/2" intonation screws
100,00 kr
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Fender part number: 001-5842-049 4 pieces 6-32 x 1-1/2" intonation screwsDesigned for use on Fender vintage and standard bass bridges
Fender USA large skirted black knob for Jaguar® Mustang® & Mustang® Bass Guitar Knobs
144,00 kr
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1x Genuine Fender USA large skirted black knob.Fender part number 0019455049Genuine Fender American Vintage 65 Jaguar / Mustang knobAlso used for the volume controls on Vintage Jazz Bass. Set-screw type and fits 1/4″ CTS solid shaft pots.
Fender vintage '51 Precision Bass bridge cover
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Genuine fender vintage '51 Precision Bass P-bass bridge cover chromeFender part number: 003-2979-000