Bosse Winberg (Spotnicks)

From the estate of Bosse Winberg are we selling some of the most iconic instruments from the founder of Spotnicks. Instruments that where part of the unique sound of the Spotnicks,

Fender Stratocaster (main instrument since 1966)
The iconic Spotnicks guitarist and Gothenburg musician Bosse Winberg sold his Stratocaster from 1961 on tour in Mexico, to another musician, because he was not happy with how it sounded. This is the guitar he bought instead, a Stratocaster from 1965, original in Sunburst, but modified with a blowtorch and polishing varnish. Sunburst was not a finish that Bosse Winberg liked. The original tuners remained on the guitar as long as they lasted, but they have been changed to Yamaha. Likewise, with the pickups that were changed in the early 2000s to a pair of Kinmann HX-SC. This was Bosse's main instrument that he preferred until the end.
Levin solid customized by Bo Winberg
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